Awakening to the True Self! 5 Steps to Being ‘born again’!

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2019

Do you consider yourself to be a Spiritual Seeker?  Are you someone who has had a moment of Oneness, a moment of clarity that revealed your Soul to yourself?

If so, then have you ever wondered how we can ever get relief from the day to day struggles of a person seeking to live from the highest parts of ourselves, but always seeming to be overwhelmed with the stress and strain of living in a world that is not supportive of those seeking Love and Unity with All That Is?

Me too!

In 1994, I went through a profound transformative experience when we found out that both of our sons were cognitively disabled due to a genetic defect.  For the first time in my life, I was hopeless and wanted to not have to live the life which I was facing.

That experience opened the door to the realization that there was more to life than what I had previously thought…but it didn’t get me through the door.  I’ve stood in this doorway for 20+ years trying to figure out how to...

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The Science of Making Permanent Positive Changes


This video is a webinar I did with Mark Pace, Founder of The Vital Life-Long Alignment.  Mark worked for years in the insurance industry when he noticed that the life spans of people were out of line with the estimates the insurance industry was providing.  That was an AHA moment for him.  Since that time he's been coaching people into longer and more productive lives.  In fact, I've been trained in his process and it is a game-changer!  

Using his processes, I have made big breakthroughs, but have also helped other people make Permanent Positive Changes in their lives.  Join us on this recording to learn a few things about how you can make changes too!

Be well!


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Stop thinking you're Divine. Feel Divine!

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2019

Thoughts change from moment to moment.  Emotional Commitment makes it REAL!

In 1994, I spent 3 weeks in a blissful state I call Powerful Peace. It came after four months of basically screaming to the Universe that I needed to know if my life had meaning.

Victor Frankl, author of Man’s Search for Meaning, teaches there are 3 ways humans find meaning in life:

1st—Creating a work or doing a deed.

2nd—Experiencing relationship with a person or thing.

3rd—The attitude we choose when experiencing inescapable suffering. 

My arrival at meaning took the third, and in my opinion least desirable route.

I was 33 years old and had just learned that both of my surviving sons, Jacob and Zakary, were cognitively disabled. I say, surviving sons, because when I was 24, I held my 17-day old son, Joseph, as he died of a heart defect.

I officially reached a point in my life that I was done and didn’t want anything to do with my beating heart, my thinking...

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