Powerful Peace presents The CONSTRUCT, a Path to The Christ Self, The Higher Self, The True Self!

Do you have a system to guide you into higher consciousness?


To live in Peace is to gain emotional freedom. Emotional freedom is the gift of living from the Infinite True Self. Join me and we will work together to do just that!



Gigi says:

In the midst of my lifelong struggle to make sense of all the diverse beliefs, traditions, and human experiences that make up this life, Colin Karewa presented me with The CONSTRUCT. I was completely in awe of its magnitude and how it integrates and unifies the many systems of beliefs and traditions, clarifying and explaining the many aspects of our human experience. The CONSTRUCT provided me with the evidence I was seeking that tied all of life's experiences, beliefs and traditions into one coherent TRUTH. I am freed...

Rachel, Ph.D., says:

If you are seeking powerful tools to expand your ability to connect with the divine wisdom of the universe and deliver tangible direction for your clients and yourself, this CONSTRUCT is for you!

Using the wisdom downloaded to Colin Karewa Forbes within ‘The CONSTRUCT’ you will be able to gain deeper clarity and insight, guide others and yourself in moving towards achieving your full potential and fulfill your purpose. This powerful tool brings forth ancient wisdom from the Divine in a simple to use form that will take your work well beyond that which tarot, astrology, numerology and other tools have been able to provide before.

G. Turner says:

Working with Colin has been a transformative process. Colin pushes me to places that have revealed my own gifts and also pain points. Once there, he guides me to explore the why’s and why not’s of my abilities, and by doing this I have become incredibly aware of my own limits spiritually and emotionally.  With each session, I realize that his innate ability to read me has become stronger and I am then pushed to work hard to accept and embrace that which is my own spirituality. While it is not always comfortable I believe it is the difference in the work I have done with him vs. others.  It has been transforming already. I can’t wait to see what comes next each time we meet.

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