Awakening to the True Self! 5 Steps to Being ‘born again’!

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2019

Do you consider yourself to be a Spiritual Seeker?  Are you someone who has had a moment of Oneness, a moment of clarity that revealed your Soul to yourself?

If so, then have you ever wondered how we can ever get relief from the day to day struggles of a person seeking to live from the highest parts of ourselves, but always seeming to be overwhelmed with the stress and strain of living in a world that is not supportive of those seeking Love and Unity with All That Is?

Me too!

In 1994, I went through a profound transformative experience when we found out that both of our sons were cognitively disabled due to a genetic defect.  For the first time in my life, I was hopeless and wanted to not have to live the life which I was facing.

That experience opened the door to the realization that there was more to life than what I had previously thought…but it didn’t get me through the door.  I’ve stood in this doorway for 20+ years trying to figure out how to move through it and permanently live in the Powerful Peace I experienced all those years ago.  And now, I’ve finally found a way through!

What are the benefits of walking through that door?  Relief, peace, freedom from stress, a new way of Being, understanding life’s purpose and I’d have to say, being born again with a new identity.  Not in any religious way, but actually shifting my identity from the ego version into what I call the True Self.

You see, when it’s all boiled down, Energy and Frequency is what we are all dealing with in life.  Your consciousness is always thinking and thus it is always feeling.  Those two actions create frequency. 

Einstein’s New Theory of Relativity very clearly shows us that Quantum Energy (Spirit) is exactly equal to Quantum Mass (Matter), except for the frequency of the speed of light squared (c2).

In other words, your ability to shift from your lower ‘ego-self’ frequency to a higher True-Self frequency is the key to living from a different identity frequency.  This is what is meant by being ‘born again’!

And this is something that we can actually do.  Here are the mains steps to do it!

  • We must believe and accept the fact that there is more to life than just being born, going to school, getting a job, retiring and dying.  The Purpose we are actually here for is to do just what we’re talking about – Shift our identity from the ego-mind identity to the Infinite-mind Identity.  Once we’ve accepted this as our Purpose, we’ve done more than half of the work.
  • The frequency of the True-Self is higher than the frequency of the ego-self. This means that we must begin lifting our thoughts and feelings we live in every day into higher and higher frequency thoughts and feelings.  We must focus on thoughts of the Infinite and work to make sure our body can handle higher and higher frequencies of energy.
  • Next, there are two parts of ourselves we need to understand and then resolve their objections to this process:
    1. First is the ego-mind. This identity has run the show our entire lives.  It’s not going to just give up its role as boss and walk away so some ‘imaginary’ woo-woo True Self can come in and take over.  The ego-mind is going to require real, rational proof that the Spiritual realms and this Purpose is real.  Once it sees the wisdom in allowing the True Self in to guide our lives, the ego-mind will go willingly to the ‘cross’ and allow itself to be sacrificed, like a ‘lamb to the slaughter’.
    2. Second is our Individuality. This is the Divine Feminine within each of us.  Jung called it our Anima Mundi or Soul of the World.  This is the emotional, feeling animal part of us that does not respond to logic or rationale, but only to deep emotional connection and feeling.  This part of us has been used and abused throughout its life, just like the actual feminine throughout history.  It is the part that seeks our survival and is fearful of its dissolution.  It craves safety and security.  It has trusted us and others again and again only to be disappointed. 


  • If you don’t have a system or mental construct that can demonstrate the reality of the Quantum Energy or Spirit realms to the ego-mind, it will never let go. Therefore, it is critical that you have such a Construct.


  • The Anima Mundi, part of us must be cared for emotionally and allowed to feel itself accepted and not judged, otherwise it will never trust the True Self…in fact it doesn’t trust the ego-mind because it has been judged and emotionally tortured by it for most of our lives. This feeling of Trust is a rare gift and if you’ve TRULY felt it before you are a blessed soul!  If you’re like me and only felt Trust partially, then it’s important that you use your imagination and begin the process of loving our Anima Mundi.  This is the path to get it to Trust us enough so it will shift its Individual Loyalty from the ego-mind to the True Self.

This is the process of being reborn, of awakening to the higher-self or Christed-self which the wisdom teachers talk about.  This is what I call Powerful Peace.

I’ve been given a CONSTRUCT that has done the first step for me.  I’ve also created a course which can give you the basics of the process described in this article, which can assist you in awakening to the True Self and literally guide you in the work of reassigning your Individual identity from the ego-mind to the True Self.

This is our purpose here on earth and we are living in a time that has been shown from ages past to be energetically supportive of this process.  Humanity is awakening and yet it is not a ‘group hug’ type of process.  This is an individual process that each human is going to have to do for themselves if it’s going to get done!  This is a personal choice and takes real personal effort.  If it’s meant to be it’s up to me!

My invitation to you is to experience what I call, The CONSTRUCT.  It will demonstrate to the ego-mind that in fact, all spiritual paths overlay and harmonize with one another and that they also align with science.  Once you begin to comprehend this from the ego-mind perspective, then it opens the door we began this conversation talking about, for you to really get serious about finally walking through it.

And why would you do all of this?

Because living from the perspective of the infinite True-Self is an experience beyond words!  The peace and relief that comes from abiding in the Love of Source and working daily with the energies of harmony unlocks the door that keeps us in the ego world of stress and strain, of ‘earning our bread from the sweat of our brow’.  Freedom and rest are the results of reassigning our identity to the True Self!

This is our destiny!  This is our purpose!  This is our path!

The way to open the door and walk through it is available to you right now!

Check out the CONSTRUCT at this link:


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